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  • Table Setting



    This bold and eye-catching still life presents a table setting of a flower pot set against oranges and onions. The bright and vibrant colour palette of red, orange and yellow hues that have been used is cheerful, and is sure to lift your spirits. The artist has skilfully captured the three-dimensionality of the objects through the use of fine and broad brushwork.

    This oil on board is in very good vintage condition. There is some very minor wear to the outermost corners which would be covered by a frame.
    Size: 35.5 x 45.5 cm

  • The Troop



    This 20th century oil on canvas presents a still life that is carefully composed and well-balanced.  The artist has used fine brushstrokes to portray a detailed array of tableware on a wooden top. We can detect the use of chiaroscuro, a technique in art that uses the contrast of light and shadow, giving the objects a sense of three-dimensionality and volume.

    The artist has chosen not to hide the age and wear of the objects, and has deliberately chosen to include the staining on the plate and the discolouration on the pitcher in the middle, highlighting the functional and practical use of these objects in everyday life. The silverware stand strong and proud, with a robust and determined manner.

    This painting provides a wonderful parallel to life’s journey – often filled with challenges and hardship, but a reminder that we should always persevere, and make the deliberate choice to to take pride in our scares and embrace it as part of our life story.

    This is painted in acrylic on stretched canvas, and  is in fine vintage condition.
    Size: 30.3 x 40.6 cm

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