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About The DIscerning Palette

Who We Are

The Discerning Palette (TDP) is an online art sales business focused on vintage modernist or modernist style art. It was founded in early 2020 by Saira Kalimuddin and Shanti Davamoni, two childhood friends from Singapore with a love of art. Since 2020 the business has thrived, with customers from all over the world picking art pieces from Saira and Shanti’s carefully curated collection.  

About The DIscerning Palette

The Collection

When selecting pieces for the collection, our choices are based not on name but on quality, subject matter and a visual connection. In the art world, so much emphasis is placed on the name behind an artwork, falsely convincing people that unless an artwork is by someone famous, it doesn’t hold much value. TDP is here to argue, and prove otherwise.

The Discerning Palette has the broader aim of making art affordable and approachable – allowing everyone to be able to enjoy and appreciate it. Through educational content, TDP gives people the ability to appreciate art – and empowers people to add art to their own living spaces. So regardless of whether you have a big house or a small apartment, there will be something in our collection that’ll bring your home to life.

We happily recommend works to customers who need some advice or ideas around purchasing paintings for their interiors.

Soon we will also be expanding our collection to include original mid century modernist lithographs, as well as artworks by contemporary artists who paint in a modernist style.

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