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  • Carmine


    Free Shipping to UK, Europe and Singapore.

    A richly coloured, striking oil painting of red blooms (possibly Lilies or Amaryllis – let us know if you know which!) in a glass vase. The combination of ultramarine blue of the fabric, the carmine red of the flowers and the emerald green of the stems and leaves create a striking picture. Areas of impasto (where the thick paint stands proud on the surface) add wonderful texture to this painting.

    The painting is housed in a lovely nude wood frame. Both painting and frame are in excellent vintage condition.

    Size: 49.5 x 41.5cm (including frame)

  • The Tabletop Party



    An expressive still life depicting 2 pears, a wooden spatula, and a Delft blue plate laid out on a tabletop.

    The artist has skilfully captured the three-dimensionality of the objects through the use of bold and distinct brushstrokes using the impasto technique.

    The overflowing use of colours as well as texture imbues this little painting with so much character and vigour – that it makes the objects come to live, and seem as if they are having a blast at their own little party together.

    The painting is housed in a new box frame that is painted white.

    Size: 27 x 30cm (including frame)

  • Balance



    Free Shipping to UK, Europe and Singapore.

    An excellent composition of a nude study in gouache, depicting a female figure perched on a stool. There is a palpable tension within this picture. With her legs raised, the muse grips the rear legs of the stool, balancing her slender figure on the equally slender wooden stool.  The simplicity of this picture is very effective – clean lines and a limited colour palette lend themselves well  to this very visually pleasing composition.

    Recently framed in a very complementary oak and maple frame with a white card mount, this gouache on paper is in excellent condition.

    Size: 61 x 46.5 cm (including frame)

  • The Lookout



    Free domestic (UK) shipping. As this painting is very large, it is unlikely that we will be able to ship it internationally. If you are very interested and are located outside of the UK, contact us and we will see what we can do.

    A very large and very vibrant oil that would definitely make for an eye-catching feature piece in any interior. The artist has explored the use of colour to its full effect, using bold and rhythmic brushstrokes that set your eyes dancing. Strong outlines and saturated colour in oil form wonderful patterns, reminiscent of the fauvist works by artists such as Henri Matisse.

    The subject matter too is thoroughly heart warming – a family of 3 walk to the end of a path, taking in the view of the open sea through a gap in the luscious trees, as the surrounding landscape wraps them in a colourful and playful embrace.

    This original mid century oil painting is by artist Hans Öllgard (1911-1969) and is housed in robust gilt frame. An engraved metal plate carrying the artist’s name and dates is affixed to the frame.

    The painting is in excellent vintage condition, with only very minor scuffs to the frame.

    Size: 81 x 102 cm (including frame)

  • Le Cheval



    Free Shipping to UK, Europe and Singapore.

    A lovely delicate miniature study of a horse painted in 1917. The overall beige and cream tones in this miniature watercolour, as well as the use of fine and soft brushstrokes lend much lightness to the overall tone.

    It is well presented within a mount and a wonderful wooden frame with a wide profile and visible grain. With its multiple ‘windows’, this frame adds volume and focus to the painting, and pairs perfectly with it.

    This framed miniature is in very good vintage condition. There is very slight crevice along the lower section of the frame that is visible only upon close inspection. The structure of the wood frame remains very stable.

    Painting Size: 11.5 x 11.5 cm

    Overall Size: 25.5  x 25.5 cm (including frame)

    Note: The photos used are not meant to be an accurate size representation of the artwork. Please check dimensions before purchasing.

    Miniature paintings are often overlooked treasures. Their small size means they can fit into an array of small spaces, adding interest to nooks and crannies. They can be displayed on a bookshelf or kitchen shelf, either standing on a mini easel or leant against other objects/books. If added to a group display, these small pieces act as a wonderful contrast to bigger pieces, and can add ‘punctuation’ to the group hang.

  • The Woods



    Free shipping to Europe, UK and Singapore.

    Vibrant and luscious brushstrokes in yellows and greens imbue this oil painting with such a fresh and lively feeling. The quick impasto brushwork give the painting texture and movement. To add to its uniqueness, the canvas is framed in wood frame that has been painted  a wonderful emerald green.

    This mid 20th century painting is in excellent vintage condition.

    Size: 49 x 59cm (including frame)

  • The Street Fair


    This enchanting scene of a street fair is such a whimsical piece of art.

    It’s a lovely day in Spring and the fair has just started. The street is lined with stalls selling an abundance of food, games and handicraft, as the crowd is slowly streaming in, and there is even a dog who wants to join the party.

    This work brings back such delightful memories of visiting a carnival with friends or family, having so much fun, and always returning home with something new.

    This oil on panel is done by Gerhard Karlmark (1905-1976), who works are displayed in museums across Sweden.

    It is signed on the lower right, and is complemented by its gilt frame.

    Size: 39 x 47 cm (including frame)

  • Heaven



    Free Shipping to UK, Europe and Singapore.

    This idyllic oil painting of a pastoral landscape is the epitome of tranquillity and calm. A group of birds soar overhead , leading our eyes over the expanse of warm yellow fields towards the silhouettes of trees and cottages, and then further into the mountains beyond. The composition is very well balanced, with the sky and land taking up equal proportions, adding to the sense of harmony and expansiveness within the picture. A tractor is seen in the foreground – its purple colouring contrasting wonderfully with the warmer hues of the yellow field.

    This painting, while delicate and tender, manages to capture both the beauty and vastness of the surrounding landscape. Housed in a gilt frame, it measures 40.5 x 48.5cm and is in very good vintage condition with only some light scuffing to the frame.

    Size: 40.5 x 48.5 cm (including frame)

  • Acres


    Free shipping to Europe, UK and Singapore.

    The serenity of nature is widely celebrated in this artwork, as it presents a landscape scene taken in Österlen – a region in Sweden well known for its natural environment.

    What is striking is the horizontalness in the work – with the vertical plains drawn, almost stacked on one another – giving depth to the work.

    Despite being just a viewer to this painting, the stillness and calmness radiating from the work is so powerful, that one can be easily transported to zen state of mind.

    The painting comes in its original unique frame that suits the painting perfectly. There are minor scuffs to the frame, but this is in line with its age and vintage charm.

    Size: 45 x 53cm (including frame)

  • Morning Light



    Free Shipping to UK, Europe and Singapore.

    Rich creaming colouring, smooth yet confident brushwork, and a well balanced composition all come together in this visual delight. The way in which the artist has applied the coloured oil paints ignite all of our senses, beyond just the visual. We can imagine taking a bite into the fruit, it’s flesh juicy and sweet. The saturated orange and blue of the flowers in the vase tempt us to smell its fragrant aroma, and the terracotta water jug invites us to wrap our hands around it and feel its cool dry surface.

    There’s a freshness and light to this still life that is akin to the atmosphere of a crisp early spring morning. This painting goes beyond a depiction of a group of objects, and instead delights us with an unexpected sensory experience.

    Painted by Swedish artist Elsa Hansson Winnberg (1913-1987), it is housed in a very complementary gilt frame with hints of red, and is in excellent vintage condition.

    Size: 45 x 57cm (including frame)

  • It’s Showtime



    Free Shipping to UK, Europe and Singapore.

    A stunning and well-executed oil painting depicting a scene outside Theatre Mogador in Paris.

    The show is about to begin, and an audience can be seen streaming through the open doors leading in to the theatre.

    In true Parisian fashion, the crowd is stylishly dressed with flair and sartorial splendour.

    The air is buzzing with joy and excitement in anticipation for the performance; and the artist so wonderfully captures this charged emotions through the use of bold and lively colours, as well as an outstanding painterly pattern of sweeping and rhythmic brushstrokes.

    This artwork comes with a unique black and grey frame with a linen liner. In excellent vintage condition, with only very minor scuffing to the frame.

    Size: 50 x 42 cm

  • Unity



    Free Shipping to UK, Europe and Singapore.

    An energetic still life of a busy table top filled with 4 flower pots, paintbrushes, a pitcher and cups, peeled oranges and a bag.

    The artwork is well executed with strong and confident brushstrokes; and the colours used are so vibrant and captivating, in particularly the pitcher painted in a beautiful shade of Azure blue.

    As a viewer, one is left with a sense of wonder, as the artist has depicted an unexpected and diverse choice of objects that each have their own unique character, yet are united so harmoniously together.


    This oil on board comes wonderfully presented in a well suited gilt frame, and is in excellent condition.

    Size: 48 x 38 cm (including frame)

  • By the Boardwalk



    This charming artwork of a boardwalk set against a river by a coastal town brings so much lightness and serenity to one’s heart.

    It is a cloudy day, and thick clouds have filled the light blue sky. The wind is blowing strongly in the air – causing the lush greenery in the background to sway, and making the water’s surface uneven.

    This gouache painting is uniquely characterised by wonderful blocks of colours as well as broad and textured brushstrokes. Through this, the artist has been able to skilfully produce forms in a somewhat distinct yet abstract manner; and the sweeping motion in which the brushworks have been applied breathe so much life and vigour to the overall artwork.

    It is housed in white card mount and a blue stained wood frame which picks up on the colours within the painting beautifully. The painting is glazed (there is a layer of perspex between the frame and the painting) to ensure longevity.

    Size: 56 x 48cm (including frame)

  • Terracotta & Lemons



    Free shipping to Europe, UK and Singapore.

    There’s just something about that wonderful combination of earthy terracotta and zingy yellow. This painting has so much life and energy contained within its frame, and has a real rustic chic-ness feel to it. The different layers of colour and coarse brushwork add an element of tactility to the painting.

    It is in excellent vintage condition, and comes in this gorgeous light grey frame which suits the brown and yellow tones in the painting perfectly.

    Size: 30.5 x 33cm (including frame)

  • The Pianist



    Free Shipping to UK, Europe and Singapore.

    This captivating expressionist oil is a fine example of the work by established artist Nathan Gutman. We cannot hear the tune that the pianist plays, but swirls of colour mimic the melody as it dances through the air, treating us to a visual experience in place of what would have been an aural one. Bright colours and dynamic brushstrokes fill the painting with a youthful energy.

    Born in 1914 in Poland and of Jewish descent, Nathan Gutman is a well established artist who exhibited widely throughout his life.

    The painting is housed in a beautiful gilt frame and is in excellent vintage condition.

    Size: 61 x 53 cm (including frame)

  • Marble Eggs



    Free shipping to Europe, UK and Singapore.

    This delightfully charming and very finely painted watercolour features delicate detailing. There is a softness and subtlety to it that makes it really unique. The artist has managed to capture the wonderful tactile qualities of the stone and marble materials, including its smooth polish and solidity, all while working in the medium of watercolour.

    Painted in watercolour on paper, it would look stunning a slim frame and card mount. It is in excellent vintage condition.

    Size: 36 x 26 cm

  • The Kitchen


    Free shipping to Europe, UK and Singapore.

    A wonderfully expressive and textured painting of kitchenalia and vegetables. We adore the earthy tones and thick brushstrokes that add depth and a tactile-ness to this painting.

    This picture is unframed and is in excellent vintage condition. There are some paint losses to the outermost edges but these will be perfectly hidden when the artwork is framed.

    Size: 46.3 x 30.7cm

  • The Window



    Free shipping to Europe, UK and Singapore.

    There’s something wonderfully cosy and homely about this little painting titled ‘The Window’.

    Perhaps it is the fact that as we look out the window, we see the dark grey clouds beyond and therefore the impending rainfall. But we’re inside, looking out, protected. We’ve collected our wildflowers and now it’s time for a cup of tea and a nice book, while nature outside gets its much needed watering.⁠

    This cheerful and pleasant oil on board is in excellent vintage condition. The white complementary frame as seen in the photos is included with the painting.

    Size: 31.5 x 26.5cm (including frame)

  • The Fishing Boats


    The painterly technique in this work effectively conveys the spirit and movement of the sea and sky. Vibrant colours, and swift thick brushstrokes are the key features in this dramatic coastal landscape of fishing boats and bouys.

    A bright gilt frame with beaded moulding complements the palette of the painting excellently. This impressionistic and textured work of art will be a stand out feature in any interior.

    Size: 33 x 39cm (including frame)

    In good vintage condition.

  • Fall Foliage


    A breathtaking scene depicting a pathway through the forest on a fine autumn day, as the air is twirling with joy.

    The foliage, painted in bold and vibrant orange and green hues are so alive and merry; and the artist has used an impasto technique – applying thick layers of paint with forceful brushwork to give the artwork a three dimensional feel.

    This artwork is an oil on board, and is in excellent vintage condition. It comes well presented in a white wooden frame.

    Size: 29 x 24.5 cm (including frame)

  • Pasture


    Many of us have fallen into a way of life that suffers from too much intensity, stimulation and distraction. Work is frantic, our email inboxes are clogged, and there is hardly time to reflect on anything.

    This beautifully calm and serene landscape with grazing sheep allows us the chance to resume contact with a more solitary, thoughtful self that otherwise eludes us. It draws out our peaceful side and encapsulates a value of gentleness. The unpretentious simplicity of sheep nestled within a cool autumnal meadow encourages a modest, tender hearted happiness, far away from the stresses of life.

    This confident yet sensitively hand-painted oil is wonderfully presented in a well suited gilt frame, and its classic style would fit in well with any interior. In excellent vintage condition.

    Size: 24 x 29cm (including frame)

  • Coastal Town



    A charming 20th century impressionist painting of a coastal town set against a hill. The artist has used an outstanding green and yellow palette and an impasto technique to bring out the lushness of the foliage.

    The work is textured and the use of expressive brushstrokes give the painting a dynamic effect, where one can almost feel the wind currents blowing on top of the water.

    This lovely artwork is composed with oil, acrylic and watercolour on paper. It is in excellent vintage condition, and comes with a white wooden frame and covered with glass.

    Size: 39 x 29 cm (including frame)

  • Simple Mornings


    This painting reminds us to appreciate the beauty of the simple things in life. Porter keeps a focus on the seemingly mundane – a jug of milk and three eggs. Yet the sensitive way in which the forms have been painted, the thoughtful brushstrokes and delicate palette highlights the beauty that simplicity can offer.

    Size: 32 x 37cm (including frame)

    In excellent vintage condition.

  • Roses



    Free Shipping to UK, Europe and Singapore.

    In excellent condition.

    Size: 35 x 25.7cm

  • Chinoiserie


    A beautiful and serene still life that captured our hearts upon first sight.

    Presented atop a mahogany wooden table is an arrangement of flowers in a vase, a sugar pot, and and 2 European vintage ceramic figurines of a boy and girl with animals around them.

    What is so captivating about this work is that it has elements of both East and West – the artist has painted a dutch Delft blue and white chinoiserie porcelain vase that has some yellow overtones that further enhances its beauty.

    The objects are set against a beautifully painted backdrop that picks up the colours of the flowers and the ornaments around it.

    Very fine and soft brushstrokes have been used to create a smooth and delicate effect to the work, and there is great fluency from one subject to the next.

    The artist has also skillfully captured the reflections of the objects cast against the wood grains of the table top.

    Housed in its original frame, this is one of our larger artworks, and measures 88 x 69cm including the frame.

  • The Port



    Free Shipping to UK, Europe and Singapore.

    This bright expressionist oil depicting a harbour scene is wonderfully dynamic. Quick brushstrokes, heavy impasto and a vibrant colour palette lend themselves well to capturing the hustle and bustle of the busy dock at daytime. Surrounding the picture stand tall warehouses that have been built to serve the harbour, smoke bellowing from their chimneys. In the foreground merchants trading their goods scurry along. A white sailing ship with its tall mast is docked in the middle of the picture – its sailor just about to to disembark down the ladder.

    This original oil is by Finish/Swedish artist Kurt Erik Heinonen was born in 1915 and died in 1983. This piece is typical in style and subject for Heinonen, who often used a palette knife with strong clear colouring, mainly painting the west coast region of Sweden with views of fishing harbours with boats.

    The painting is housed in a gorgeous distressed frame wood and cream frame, showing off its wood grain beautifully.

    Size: 68 x 59 cm (including frame)

  • By the Ocean



    Free shipping to Europe, UK and Singapore.

    A scenic view of cottages on rolling hills, situated by the ocean front. The air is calm and cool, and the ocean, painted in an outstanding bleu de France shade, is beaming with serenity.

    Expressive and vertical brushstrokes in particular, have been used extensively in this work – producing distinct forms, and breathing life into the trees and grass in the foreground.

    This artwork is an oil on canvas, and  is well presented in a wooden frame, with a white mount that further accentuates its beauty.

    Size: 58 x 67 cm (including frame)

  • Cobalt Sky


    Free shipping to Europe, UK and Singapore.

    It’s hard to go wrong with a solid Matisse-esque colour palette of blue, yellow and pinkish-red. The blocks of horizontal high contrast colours of blue and marigold in this Swedish painting give it a contemporary charm and sun and sea vibes.

    The gold and wood frame it comes in really makes the colours pop. The painting and frame are both in excellent vintage condition.

    Size: 31 x 49 cm (including frame)

  • Lavender Fields


    Free shipping to UK, Europe and Singapore.

    A enchanting painting of a picturesque scene  in Provence of lavender fields with mountains in the background. Spring has arrived, and one can almost smell the scent of lavender permeating the air, as the vibrant purple crops are ready for harvest. Four farmers are depicting out in the fields, enjoying their day while they harvest the crops. The buds have formed on the plant, but the flowers have yet to burst into full bloom – as it is the best time to be harvested.

    The painting comes in lovely pastel tones, and the artist has managed to capture the delicate nature of flowers so effortlessly through the use of fine, short brushstrokes.

    This is a mixed media on paper, and the vintage gilded frame with red velvet lining that comes with the artwork adds so much character to it. The painting is glazed (there is a layer of glass between the frame and artwork).

    The artwork and frame are in very good vintage condition, with only some very minor scuffing.

    Size: 39 x 47.5 cm (including frame)

  • Verdant


    Free shipping to Europe, UK and Singapore.

    This oil on stretched canvas is excellently executed – blocks of contrasting green in both saturated and pastel shades give it so much life and movement. The brushwork is beautiful and textured, and the composition is very well balanced. The blocks of colour give it a structured feel, but the expressive brushwork imbue it with freedom and movement. The artist has executed the painting with flat planes of colour while still maintaining perspective within the picture – just stunning!

    The painting comes in its original painted wooden frame and suits the painting perfectly. There are minor scuffs to the frame, but this is in line with its age and vintage charm.

    Size: 40 x 52cm (including frame)