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  • By the Reeds



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    We have here a calm summer’s day, the water is still and the air is cool. To the left a boat is anchored, just beyond the reeds. It is easy to imagine the artist, painting this beautiful sight before them, en plein air. The impressionistic style and subtle impasto has created a highly textured effect, and the artist has left small bits of the board exposed.  The clear glassy water beautifully reflects the open skies above, while the richer green colours of the reeds in the forefront pair perfectly with the tree lined background.

    The painting is wonderfully presented in a gilt frame with beaded moulding.

    Size: 49.5 x 61.5 cm (including frame)

    In excellent vintage condition.

  • The Fishing Boats


    The painterly technique in this work effectively conveys the spirit and movement of the sea and sky. Vibrant colours, and swift thick brushstrokes are the key features in this dramatic coastal landscape of fishing boats and bouys.

    A bright gilt frame with beaded moulding complements the palette of the painting excellently. This impressionistic and textured work of art will be a stand out feature in any interior.

    Size: 33 x 39cm (including frame)

    In good vintage condition.