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  • The Reader



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    This painting perfectly captures that moment we describe as ‘enjoying one’s own company’. We don’t see the sitter, as perhaps they have been called away, interrupted, but will return shortly to continue reading where they left off. This painting exudes charm and character, and is a reminder of the precious moments we allow ourselves in our busy lives, to have some time to relish peace and quiet, to read or write, and enjoy a period of calm.

    Size: 38 x 47.5 cm (including frame)

    In good vintage condition. Some age spots are visible, which add character and charm to this vintage oil.

  • The Clan



    This quotidien scene of simple objects is arranged as a still life of copper, bronze and silver vessels. There is no frippery to this picture, no gesture overplayed.

    Yet the physical solidarity and surety of the objects contrast starkly with the negative space and void beyond – the table and background seem to merge into an abstract hollow. This invites us to open our minds to wider meanings, and offers us the chance to think freely and more metaphorically.

    As opposed to just static receptacles, we could imagine this grouping as a family – perhaps as three siblings in a row. The two elder siblings perched on either end, standing tall and playing by the rules, while the youngest sibling in the middle, creative and seeking attention, playfully falls over, breaking the formal composition of the picture. Yet somehow the trio remain harmonious despite the disruption.

    As objects, they share similarities in their matter and purpose, but are still able to hold their own. Much like siblings, they are bonded by connections and similarities, but remain unique individuals with idiosyncratic characteristics worth discovering.

    Size: 34 x 41cm (including frame)

    In excellent vintage condition.