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  • Pasture


    Many of us have fallen into a way of life that suffers from too much intensity, stimulation and distraction. Work is frantic, our email inboxes are clogged, and there is hardly time to reflect on anything.

    This beautifully calm and serene landscape with grazing sheep allows us the chance to resume contact with a more solitary, thoughtful self that otherwise eludes us. It draws out our peaceful side and encapsulates a value of gentleness. The unpretentious simplicity of sheep nestled within a cool autumnal meadow encourages a modest, tender hearted happiness, far away from the stresses of life.

    This confident yet sensitively hand-painted oil is wonderfully presented in a well suited gilt frame, and its classic style would fit in well with any interior. In excellent vintage condition.

    Size: 24 x 29cm (including frame)