Abstract Garden


An outstanding and serene abstract composition, executed in oil onto canvas.

Wholly abstract in nature, it is tempting to try to discern what it is in front of us. Wispy, expressionist brushstrokes in contrasting tones seems to denote the play of light and shadows, and could almost appear as though the artist has tried to capture a group of feathers. Yet there is also a loose sense of the natural landscape – perhaps a row of trees of a variety of species grouped together, swaying in the wind and with light bouncing off different parts of the leaves and branches.

The beauty of the piece also lies in the way in which the artist draws our attention the medium. The oil has been thinned, creating a loose and free quality to the paint. In certain areas the artist has allowed the paint to drip down, emphasising the freedom of the medium and its composition.

Although abstract in nature, we can just about discern a row of trees of different species growing together.

This beautifully well balanced abstract painting has a palpable softness while still exuding energy and character.

This oil on canvas is housed in a complementary painted gold frame, including a lined lined border which has also been painted gold.  There is some general age toning to the painting, otherwise both painting and frame are in good vintage condition.

Size: 64.5 x 68.5 cm (including frame)

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Frame as seen in photos is included.


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