Belles Fleurs

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Why imitate reality when you can imagine a new one?

Here the most powerful resources of the artist – creativity, imagination and reinvention – have been harnessed. Such a delicate combination has been achieved: the celebration of the common things of everyday life without imitation. Instead, we have ‘visual music’, composed using the formal artistic elements of pattern, harmony, colour, and rhythm.

We might have in front of us a vase of flowers, a pair of pears, a couple of variegated pebbles and a jug of cherries. But there is more than meets the eye. We have abstract planes of strong colour, intensified by chromatic contrasts which cause each saturated hue to reverberate in the eye. Clear, clean, decorative shapes, schematically flattened into pure geometries: disc and circle, star, scallop-edged roundel, arch and curve, stripes and lines, the intensity of emerald green and ultramarine against pastels and white.

This ‘no depth’ style might seem simple to achieve, but when examined further, the combination of different elements in fact take great skill. The objects have been deliberately flattened to bring them parallel to the picture surface, deployed on a table top that has been similarly brought up and forward by 90 degrees to align them with the canvas plane. These familiar objects acquire a new life of their own within the composed world of the painting, bounded by the rectangular surface itself and their own pictorial structure of shape and colour.

Pebbles, pears, cherries and flowers, yes. But more a world of imagination than actual fact.

This meticulous and vivacious oil on board is in excellent vintage condition. The white complementary frame as seen in the photos is included with the painting.

Size: 36 x 31cm (including frame)

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36 x 31cm


Frame as seen in photos is included.


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