Tips on General Maintenance of Oil Paintings

Tips on general maintenance of oil paintings:⁠

1. Avoid displaying it in direct sunlight as this can cause it to change colour.⁠

2. If your painting is on canvas and it has loosened on the stretcher bars, a simple method to retighten it is to wipe the back of the canvas with a wet sponge and leave the piece to dry for a couple of hours. Repeat this process if it is still not tight enough. Canvases are made of fabric and so this will not damage the painting.⁠

3. Dusting paintings is best. Don’t use water or cleaning products. Use a soft dry brush (a shaving brush is great), or if you don’t have one, a soft feather duster is the next best option. Don’t use a cloth as this can catch on the textured on areas of paint. ⁠

4.If your painting is framed, you can use a damp cloth to clean the surface of the frame.⁠

5. If you or people around you smoke, try not to do it near oil paintings. Smoke damage can permanently change the tone of the piece.⁠

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