How Do I Light the Paintings on My Walls? ⁠

Many of us have spaces on our walls where the right painting would fit well and really enhance that area of the room. But sometimes these walls might not be in the best lit areas of the room, which would make hanging a painting difficult since it would be too dark or have odd shadows. One really easy solution is to install a picture light (as seen in this picture). You can purchase these really easily and affordably from online marketplaces like Amazon or Wayfair, and Ikea sell them too. You can get battery operated ones which don’t require any cabling and easily mount on to the wall with a couple of screws.⁠

A picture light puts the light source really close to the work of art, typically with low-wattage lamps so that the light doesn’t damage the artwork overtime. It provides a sense of intimacy with a piece of art, and invites you to stand close for a look. Most importantly, it means you can place a painting on any wall, at any height of your choosing. ⁠

⁠London based lighting company Pooky Lights (who have the most amazing selection of table lamps and lighting and general) have a great article with excellent easy to understand tips on how to choose picture lights, which you can read here.

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