Art – We Don’t Always Need to Know Why We Like it or Hate it

Art is subjective, yes. But we don’t always need to know exactly why we like or dislike an artwork. It’s ok to not have a reason, and here’s why.

An Easy to Follow Approach to Looking at Paintings

Here are some thoughts around how to approach a landscape painting like this one. There are simple steps to analysing paintings that you can use across the board, so we’ll be using these methods in more videos in time to come. The painting in the video is titled ‘Verdant’ and is available on our shop.

VIDEO: How to Choose the Right Frame

Shanti shares some tips around how to choose the right frame for your artwork. She talks about how to make decisions about whether or not to frame, when to frame with or without glass, how to choose the right frame colour and style, and much more.

VIDEO: Why Buy a Still Life Painting?

Saira shares some thoughts on why still life paintings are more than just a snapshot of objects, and why they are so popular among collectors.

VIDEO: Practical Tips around Hanging and Displaying Art

Saira shared some practical tips around hanging and displaying art. She covers: the height to hang a painting, hot to arrange a gallery style group hang, and tools and tricks to display art without damaging your wall.

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