How do I tighten a stretched canvas that has loosened?

Over time a canvas can become baggy or wobbly due to changes in the environment. Here are 2 easy and non-damaging DIY fixes that don’t require you to spend money on getting it professionally re-stretched.

When should I frame a painting with glass?

Deciding whether or not to protect an art piece with glass depends very much on the medium that the painting has been done in, as well as the surface that the painting has been done on.

I don’t know anything about art.. I don’t really get it

Whenever I mention ‘art’, a very common response I get from anyone who is not in the art world is ‘I don’t know anything about art’ or ‘Yea I don’t really get it…’. ⁠⁠I have made it one of my life goals to set out to change that and make the concept of art something […]

What is Modernist Art?

We often describe the type of art in our collection as ‘modernist’. But what does this actually mean? For those familiar with art genres you’ll immediately have an understanding of the kind of influences and concepts behind it, and can probably recognise a ‘modernist’ painting when you see one. If you’re not so familiar with […]

Viewpoints on the non-financial value of art: Marc May

Saira’s lovely husband Marc shares his view on the non-financial value of art: I grew up in a relatively working class family and for the first ten years of my life we lived in council (public) housing. My mother was great at art (I recall an incredibly drawn drawing of Pike fish she drew) but […]

Book Recommendation: ‘150 years of Modern Art in the blink of an eye’ by Will Gompertz.

My latest pre-sleep bedtime companion – ‘What are you looking at? 150 years of Modern Art in the blink of an eye’ by Will Gompertz.⁠⁠“In my option the best place to start when it comes to appreciating and enjoying modern and contemporary art is not to decide whether it’s any good or not, but to […]

Book Recommendation: ‘My Museum’ by Joanne Liu

This book by Joanne Liu titled ‘My Museum’ was a gift from a close friend to my son Maximilian and it is one of the best books in his growing collections. It is a great introductory book to appreciating art for very young children. It is beautifully illustrated, but more importantly, it shows young children […]

Book Recommendation: ‘Looking at Pictures’ by Susan Woodford

Here’s our second must-read book recommendation: ‘Looking at Pictures’ by Susan Woodford. For anyone coming fresh to art and art appreciation, this book will really help you develop your eye and your confidence to look, analyse and appreciate paintings. And for anyone already in the know, this is a really refreshing, wise and unpretentious take […]

Tips on General Maintenance of Oil Paintings

Tips on general maintenance of oil paintings:⁠⁠1. Avoid displaying it in direct sunlight as this can cause it to change colour.⁠⁠2. If your painting is on canvas and it has loosened on the stretcher bars, a simple method to retighten it is to wipe the back of the canvas with a wet sponge and leave […]

What is the difference between a ‘stretched’ and an ‘unstretched canvas’?⁠

Stretched canvas is canvas that has been stretched over a wood frame ready for display. If you look on the back of the painting and see wooden bars (stretcher bars), then you have a stretched canvas! A stretched canvas can be displayed without a frame, but sometimes adding a frame can really enhance the piece […]

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