Book Recommendation: ‘Looking at Pictures’ by Susan Woodford

Here’s our second must-read book recommendation: ‘Looking at Pictures’ by Susan Woodford. For anyone coming fresh to art and art appreciation, this book will really help you develop your eye and your confidence to look, analyse and appreciate paintings. And for anyone already in the know, this is a really refreshing, wise and unpretentious take […]

Tips on General Maintenance of Oil Paintings

Tips on general maintenance of oil paintings:⁠⁠1. Avoid displaying it in direct sunlight as this can cause it to change colour.⁠⁠2. If your painting is on canvas and it has loosened on the stretcher bars, a simple method to retighten it is to wipe the back of the canvas with a wet sponge and leave […]

What is the difference between a ‘stretched’ and an ‘unstretched canvas’?⁠

Stretched canvas is canvas that has been stretched over a wood frame ready for display. If you look on the back of the painting and see wooden bars (stretcher bars), then you have a stretched canvas! A stretched canvas can be displayed without a frame, but sometimes adding a frame can really enhance the piece […]

Book Recommendation: ‘Art as Therapy’ by Alain de Botton & John Armstrong

This book is a must read!⁠⁠It talks about art in a way that is totally different from most – it introduces a method of looking at and interpreting art that doesn’t involve the normal historical and stylistic concerns that we see in art books most of the time. It will give you the confidence to […]

How Do I Light the Paintings on My Walls? ⁠

Many of us have spaces on our walls where the right painting would fit well and really enhance that area of the room. But sometimes these walls might not be in the best lit areas of the room, which would make hanging a painting difficult since it would be too dark or have odd shadows. […]

The Short & Simple Answer to Why Abstract Art Exists

Why do some artists draw/paint/craft artworks around forms (like lines, shapes & patterns) instead of depicting realistic scenes? In other words, why is abstraction a thing?⁠⁠The term ‘abstract’ can be applied to art that is based on an object, figure or landscape, where forms have been simplified or schematised. Like in the painting above (ignore […]

How to Look at Art

A painting can hang right in front of our eyes, and yet at the same time can seem so very far away. Just thinking of old master paintings in museums, where you have a composition of tumbling angels or portraits of unrecognisable ladies and gents from a bygone age, how are we meant to connect […]

What is art for?

“Art doesn’t have to be difficult or inaccessible, and I hope to use this space to prove that..”

How to Connect with Art

It is very normal to feel like the art in museums and galleries have a quality so mysterious and untouchable that you can’t, and shouldn’t interfere with it. But this reluctance to ‘interfere’ or make demands on the art we look at weakens the power of art and and reflects an underlying fear of addressing […]

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